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The Gabriel Pigotti Memorial Fund exists to carry on the spirit and lifelong passions of Gabriel Pigotti, and to continue remembering and appreciating the special energy which existed whenever Gabriel was around. Gabriel was passionate about his friendships, his community, helping people improve their lives, and enjoying his life alongside those around him with a huge smile and genuine laughter. Consistent with Gabriel’s enthusiastic spirit and perpetually positive outlook, and coupled with Gabriel’s professional and recreational passions, the primary missions of the foundation are to:

1) Create opportunities to bring families and friends together to enjoy each other’s companionship, and to play and laugh together.

2) Help children learn, play, and grow in positive and fun environments; and to achieve their dreams and goals.

3) Protect the health, lifestyles, and unnecessary euthanasia of pets.

4) Contribute to positive community lifestyles through development progress of the built environment.
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    1525 4th AVE #400
    Seattle , Wa 98101

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